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What Happens When It’s Raining Outside And You’ve Got To Entertain Your Adorable Pup?!

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Trying to keep a pup entertained is no easy task. You can’t exactly just keep buying them toys non-stop – that doesn’t always work, and it gets far too expensive, far too quickly! So what exactly is the solution here, especially on days where the weather does not permit walks outside?

Rainy days like this aren’t exactly good for this pup’s elderly Mom – the rain doesn’t help her joints, and the roads get too slick for her. But a bored pup is a destructive pup, so Mom can’t just leave Chewy the German Shepherd alone as it is – that will only end badly!

Luckily, she comes across a brilliant idea – to take advantage of all this brown paper she has! They are normally used as wrappers in delivery boxes, but Mom realized she could just hide treats in a stack of the stuff, and let Chewy go to town looking for them!

Feature Image Source: Dawn Ellen Miller

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