What Happens When One Pup Sits On Another Pup's Favorite Spot?! Check This Out! - A Dog's Love

What Happens When One Pup Sits On Another Pup’s Favorite Spot?! Check This Out!

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If you have ever dealt with siblings, you will know just how some things are irrevocably yours – including the spot you sit on the couch! Sure, it doesn’t exactly have your name all over it, but you’ve claimed it as your own over time and nobody is allowed to sit there now, if you can help it!

It seems that Golden Retrievers are exactly the same! This pup realised his sibling was lounging about on his spot on the sofa – something that is absolutely unacceptable in this household! He will not stand for this, and does his best to chase his sibling off the couch!

His sibling is scared, but he doesn’t really want to relinquish this spot – it is a very comfy spot on the couch, right next to Dad. So he tries to share it instead, but the first pup is having none of this, and still tries to shove him off anyway!

Feature Image Source: RamonaMaramonte 

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