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What Happens When Two Of Your Pups Want The Same Toy?!

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Tug of war is a battle of pure strength. There may be some strategy involved, but the winner is usually the one who pulls the hardest!

So, if you put a cocker and a lab against each other in a tug of war – who do you think will win. You may think that the Labrador would prevail because it is a bigger dog. But, cockers can be pretty tenacious! IN this video, we are (maybe) going to find out who wins the tug of war. We start off with the cocker taking the Labrador by surprise, then the Labrador begins to pull harder.

This isn’t so much a game of tug of war – but, more a game of who is going to win the toy! It is obvious that both animals want the Winnie the Pooh stuffed animal and they pull each other around the room with fervor! The growling indicates the level of emotion! Watch and see who wins!

Feature Image Source: cecilia converti

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