What Happens When You Fake Your Death In Front Of Your Pup?! - A Dog's Love

What Happens When You Fake Your Death In Front Of Your Pup?!

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Have you ever wondered just how your pup will react in an emergency situation? There are plenty of viral stories out there about how a parent’s pup managed to save their lives – would ours be capable of doing similar?

This Dad decided to try playing a prank on his Beagle pup, Pipas, just to see how she would react. As he was walking back into the living room from the door, he faked some sort of heart attack and collapsed onto the floor! Immediately, Pipas jumped off where she was sitting on the sofa to check on her Dad.

You can see just how concerned she is – she kept walking around him and sniffing him, trying to figure out what was wrong with her beloved parent. She just refused to leave his side. It is heartbreaking to see just how her tail wagging slowed down, as she realized that Dad isn’t getting back up. Luckily, it was all just a prank!

Feature Image Source: Pipas The Beagle

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