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What Happens When Your Adorable Pup’s Anesthesia Is Wearing Off? Check This Out!

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Anesthesia is a godsend for those of us who have to undergo some sort of surgical procedure. For those of us who studied medical history, you will know that plenty of deaths can be attributed to dying of pain itself, even if the procedure itself was successful.

And the same can be said for pups as well!

Knocking out a pup helps makes it easier on both vet and pup for medical procedures to be performed, but it does come at a slight cost – pups like this Golden Retriever end up pretty out of it for the rest of the day. An understandable thing, given that this pup had received some general anesthetic, but the results are still hilarious!

As this Dad points out, you know a Golden Retriever is out of it when they can’t quite stand or move properly, and demonstrates it with the toss of a ball. Just look at how blurry this pup is, and how slowly his head follows the movement of that ball!

Feature Image Source: cozmcchuck

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