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What Happens When Your Adorable Pup’s Favorite Movie Starts Playing On TV?!

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There’s no denying it – Golden Retrievers are incredibly gorgeous and photogenic pups. How could you possibly deny their beauty and aura when you see them?

Sure, they may not be the most elegant or graceful pups around, but there’s still something wholly charming and lovable about them.

Perhaps this is why this particular breed is so common in movies! But there’s plenty of other breeds out there who deserve the limelight as well. So when this Golden Retriever pup saw multiple different pup breeds show up onscreen in the 2019 film A Dog’s Journey, it is clear he is absolutely delighted!

You can see how he is just sitting there in front of the television screen, completely enraptured by the narrative unfolding before him. Sure, he may not fully understand what is going on, or what story is being told, but he is happy. And really, isn’t that all we want and need for our pups?

Feature Image Source: Dana Mowery

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