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What Happens When You’re Upside Down? This Adorable Pup Can’t Get Up!

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Do you ever have those days where once you are down on your back, you just can’t seem to summon the energy to get up? Maybe it is because we haven’t been getting enough sleep, but the results often mean we just end up flailing our arms and hoping our partner will come pull us upright. It takes so much energy to get up!

This English Bulldog pup named Puck evidently feels the same way in this video. Dressed up snug and warm in his little sweater, this pup is evidently feeling very comfortable right where he is – on the couch. So comfortable, in fact, that this pup may have sunk a little too deep into the cushion, and now can’t get up!

Instead, all he can do is flail and squirm about helplessly. Granted, the fact that he doesn’t seem too distressed about all of this suggests he is probably being lazy about getting up. Maybe if he makes enough of a fuss, Mom will come over and help!

Feature Image Source: Jasper_and_Puck THE BULLDOG บูลด็อก

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