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What Is Impulse Control In Dogs And How Can It Be Increased?

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A well-behaved dog has good manners, with excellent focus and outstanding impulse control.

What is impulse control in dogs? It is the ability to resist impulses and urges. Ideally, training starts in puppyhood and becomes easier as the dog becomes better at focusing and controlling his impulses.

Remember to start small, set realistic goals, and build on prior successes. Be consistent. Practice.

Here are five steps to increase impulse control in dogs:

Teach Your Dog To Look At You

With clicker and/or treats in hand, make a distinct noise to get his attention. As soon as he looks up at you, drop him a treat. The aim is for your dog to stop willingly, look at you, and wait patiently before proceeding.

Gradually increase the amount of time your dog must look at you for his reward, until he is able to sit calmly while looking up at you for 5 to 10 seconds. Keep these training sessions short and sweet (3-5 minutes each session).

Teach Your Dog To Wait For The Treat

Repeat the first step, but this time choose a favorite toy or treat, and wait for a calm look.

Teach Your Dog The “Leave It” Command

Play the game of “Open Hand’ to teach “Leave It” by placing treats in your open hand for your dog to see. If he attempts to grab the treats, close your hand, and once he sits back down, open your hand. Repeat until he is calm.

Teach Your Dog The “Settle Down” Command

Start by teaching your dog where to go to “Settle Down” and reward him when he follows you. Gradually build up the amount of time your dog needs to stay settled before rewarding him.

Reward Your Dog For Good behavior

Positive reinforcement means rewarding your dog with praise and treats whenever he is calm and patient.

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