What Is It Like To Film With Your Pup?! Check This Out! - A Dog's Love

What Is It Like To Film With Your Pup?! Check This Out!

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Many of us who are parents are also very likely animal lovers in general as well. It is hard to love our pups without having love and compassion for other similar creatures as well, after all. So it should come as no surprise that a lot of Dads and Moms out there own more than just a pup too!

This Mom’s YouTube channel is better known for her hamster-related content. In this video, however, she has decided to switch it up a little and instead introduce Apollo, her beautiful Labrador Retriever! Most long-time viewers of this channel will recognise this pup in her videos (especially in her intros), so Mom figured it was about time that he was introduced properly.

There is just one problem – Apollo just won’t sit still! Instead, he is just too excited to settle down. This silly pup thinks that it is time to play instead! And even when he realizes that it isn’t playtime, he still won’t stay still.

Feature Image Source: Smiles For Syrians

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