What Is Life Like Before And After Adopting A Pup? Let This Parent Explain!

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Having a dog is, to many, almost akin to having a child. Your life changes for the better. You learn to be more responsible, loving and kind. Your pup will love you with all their heart and you won’t be able to resist loving them back. That’s certainly the case of Zuzu the golden Labrador, as we learn in this vlog!

Zuzu came into the lives of this young couple at just three months old, and the first few months they spent together were strenuous for Mom and Dad as they adjusted to having a lively, energetic pup. They’d been worried about getting a dog for a while, but once they had Zuzu, they knew he was family, and he became a huge part of their lives!

Zuzu is now four years old, and Mom explains how many everything changed with Zuzu’s arrival, even simple things like going to bed, having meals, making dinner plans, coming home from work and spending free time. But it’s all worth it!

Feature Image Source: Zazu Talks

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