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What Is Life Like Before And After Having A Pup?! This Mom’s Explaining It!

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We have all been there before – as new Moms and Dads, we think we are prepared for just how life-changing having a pup in our lives will be. But then it turns out that it is a lot more than we asked for, and we end up needing more time than we expected to adjust to this new addition to your family.

This Mom and her family certainly learned that the hard way when they first adopted their beloved Labrador Retriever, Zazu, when he was three-months-old. They thought they were ready, but it still took them a few months before they figured out to accommodate this demanding little pup in their lives!

Mom doesn’t mind the transition at all, however. Even though so much of her life involves her pup now, she wouldn’t have it any other way! Sure, he might be needy and is constantly nosing his way into everything, but it is all worth the love he gives makes it worthwhile in the end!

Feature Image Source: Zazu Talks

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