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What Should You Expect When You Feed Your Pups Raw Diet?

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Any responsible parent will want only the best for their pup, and this includes feeding them the best food there is to offer!

Alas, with just how many scares there have been regarding the pup food manufacturing industry, trying to keep your pup healthy and happy is a lot of work. Even worse, there are no strict universal standards like there is with human food, so pups tend to end up eating what essentially is junk food.

As a result, many parents have at some point considered swapping over to a raw food diet for their pups. In fact, some have already done so! It isn’t a bad idea – so long as you handle your pup’s raw food carefully it should be fine. Just ensure there is nothing in their diet that they are allergic to or can harm them!

This Mom seems to have done her research, and is feeding her happy, healthy Beagle pup a diet of raw meat!

Feature Image Source: #BeAgle PaToOtie

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