What's More Adorable Than A Puppy? One Who's Learning How To Use The Stairs, Of Course! - A Dog's Love

What’s More Adorable Than A Puppy? One Who’s Learning How To Use The Stairs, Of Course!

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What could possibly be cuter than a Labrador Retriever puppy? Perhaps a puppy learning how to do all sorts of things – like climbing down the stairs! Puppies have a lot to learn about their world, and how to navigate it.

And while a good number of their lessons are done before they are adopted out, there is so much more to explore and experience once they are home!

This video montage follows a single Labrador Retriever pup closely, as he grows up and passes through several checkpoints in his life – including snoring away on the couch! It is adorable to see this pup grow up happy and healthy, and making some friendships with other pups too!

And of course, his parents can’t resist having a little fun with their pup – and it works the other way round too. This video is just full of happy memories of silly moments that make us all smile!

Feature Image Source: アニマルシアターch

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