What's The Best Way To Drain Your Adorable Pup's Unending Energy?! - A Dog's Love

What’s The Best Way To Drain Your Adorable Pup’s Unending Energy?!

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Anyone who is interested in adopting a puppy will know this – pups can’t immediately join the family after they are born.

To ensure their mental and physical health develops properly, they need to be fully weaned first before they leave their Mom. Otherwise, it can be a pretty traumatic experience for both pups!

It’s been what feels like an agonizing wait for this family, but the weaning period is finally over – Heath the Miniature Dachshund is ready to go to his forever home! Just before he does that, however, Mom and Dad have to finish up some paperwork with his breeder.

In the meantime, this puppy is having some playing with a small ball! It is adorable to see just how enthusiastic he is about it all – running and chasing it as someone tugs at it randomly. Hopefully, he will carry over that enthusiasm for when he goes home too!

Feature Image Source: NextDayPets

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