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When It’s Time To Do A Stunt, This Adorable Pup Makes Sure Everything’s Perfect!

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It can’t be too difficult to hop onto the couch, right? If you are smaller, then it certainly is a bit more of an issue – you can’t just casually climb onto it. You have to put in some effort, and not everyone likes that.

This is especially so if you’re a small pup, or a pup with some physical pain!

This Beagle pup really likes hanging out on the sofa. It’s in a central location in the middle of the living room where he can watch everyone come and go, is comfy, and lets him curl up to his parents if they decide to sit down too. It’s the perfect position – except for one tiny little problem.

And that problem is – he can’t decide how to jump onto the couch! It seems like a pretty easy thing to do, but this pup just wants to nail the perfect leap. Nothing less with do for him – but it does mean plenty of false starts as he figures it out!

Feature Image Source: Storyful 

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