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When It’s Time To Open The Door, This Adorable Pup Just Uses The Bell!

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It is just a part of life – our pups love to go outside and spend some time in the garden. Alternatively, they just might prefer relieving themselves in peace! Whatever the case may be, the end result is still the same – how do you know when they want to be let back in?

This Beagle puppy named Flo proves her intelligence and capability in learning things – she has quickly taken to ringing the bell whenever she needs to go inside! This is a pretty nifty trick – her parents can easily hear the bell, and there’s no ambiguation over what she wants from them at the moment.

This also means that she can be left relatively unsupervised whenever she’s getting some fresh air in their fenced in backyard, since no one has to stand by and wait for her to be done. It’s just a win-win situation for everyone – her parents don’t have to go outside, and she doesn’t have to spend ages waiting to be let back in!

Feature Image Source: Beagle at work

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