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When It’s Time To Socialize, These Adorable Pups Know Exactly What They’re Doing!

Being a foster parent for pups is no easy task. Rescue centers are no place to socialize a pup – they need to learn the lessons they have to pick up inside a home environment. And a big building containing hundreds of pups is about the furthest you can possibly get from a home!

Plus, many of these poor, abused pooches just really need some one-on-one love and care. Lemon Drop the Beagle and Basset mix is here in this foster Mom’s house with their sibling, Redford the Dachshund mix. An exciting time for these two – they will soon be meeting up with their fellow foster siblings, Mandy and Gypsy!

But not quite yet – this is their first day home, after all, and they need to be put into quarantine first. They will stay isolated for two weeks to make sure they don’t have anything infectious or dangerous. At least their room is cosy!

Feature Image Source: Marleen O

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