When There's Too Much Work At The Office, You Definitely Need More Help! - A Dog's Love

When There’s Too Much Work At The Office, You Definitely Need More Help!

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The best part about having a workplace that allows pets is the fact that people will bring in their pups – or you will bring in your own!

It is a wonderful thing to have as an office worker, since we are so stressed these days. Since it has been scientifically proven that petting pups helps lower stress levels, we would certainly want them around in our office to help!

It certainly can’t be petting alone that helps reduce stress – just seeing these adorable pooches bouncing around and playing with each other definitely helps. After all, they are super cute when in action, and it will make you smile!

This definitely is the case with this Dad watching his Labrador Retriever pup play with a German Shepherd pup in the common room of their office. It is a good thing he is supervising them, since they are such big pups and can knock more things over with their roughhousing!

Feature Image Source: YouLaughTV

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