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When These Pups Start Singing, You’ve Got To See Their Sister’s Epic Reaction!

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Zoey the dachshund pup and Daisy, who is a dachshund and chihuahua mix, are both very similar. They love to talk, speak, hold conversations, and even sing with howling and barking. Meanwhile, their remaining sibling, Isabu the chihuahua, enjoys peace and quiet.

So when Zoey and Daisy suddenly decide to start chatting very loudly out of the blue, surprising Mommy, it isn’t long before Isabu stands up from where she’s been lying between them and just gets out of there. She completely hightails, refusing to be a part of such noise and chaos. It doesn’t help when Mom joins in on the talking, too. Isabu has nowhere to go!

In the end, Isabu has no choice but to grudgingly deal with the loud howling and crying. She can’t understand how she could possibly be the sibling to such loud pups, but she loves them anyway… we think! Perhaps it’s their sausage dog genes!


Feature Image Source: Life Harmony Coach

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