When This Adorable Pup Is Hungry, There's Only One Thing He Does - Demands Food Immediately! - A Dog's Love

When This Adorable Pup Is Hungry, There’s Only One Thing He Does – Demands Food Immediately!

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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, as anyone can tell you. In fact, this Dachshund pup is pretty insistent about it, to the point that he won’t stop barking at his Mom!

It stands out a lot in this video, where the rest of his siblings are waiting patiently and quietly in comparison.

It seems that his barking is the one that gets what they all want though – food! While everyone is running around and whining or begging for food, this particular Dachshund pup is just leading the pack and barking his head off. Eyes on the prize, Mom!

Eventually, they all make it to the kitchen, where these pups all serve as Mom’s faithful shadow as she goes about preparing their meals. That pup just refuses to stop barking the entire time, even as he watches breakfast being prepared. It isn’t until these pups are happily guzzling down breakfast does all that barking finally stop!

Feature Image Source: jennster

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