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When This Pup’s Favorite Toy Is In The Washing Machine He Provides Him Moral Support!

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All pups have their favorite items – and for Habs, that item is definitely, 100%, without a doubt his precious teddy bear.

Habs’ Mom, named Jacqueline Estey, originally owned the big stuffed bear, but the moment Habs met the plush animal when he first entered the household around 3 years ago, he designated it as his own. Since then, it’s been his absolute favorite, and he brings it everywhere he goes around his home, following anyone who carries the bear!

At some point, the toy got a little too dirty, so the teddy bear needed to be placed in the washing machine. But Habs was extremely worried about it, and sat right in front of the washer and dryer for the entire cycle – something he’d never done with anything else! He refused to budge for even a second.

Luckily, it wasn’t too long before the pup was reunited with his best friend bear. But the experience of being separated from that teddy was so severe that he actually had a nightmare that night that involved losing the pup!

Shortly after the clock struck midnight, Estey heard Habs furiously attacking the door of the dryer and she found him desperately searching for his endangered bear!

Thankfully, Estey was able to convince Habs to follow her so she could show him that his bear was safe and sound downstairs. He immediately lay down next to it and cuddled it happily, and he fell asleep peacefully.

What an adorable, loving pup!

Images & Feature Image Source: Jacqueline Estey

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