When You Find Out Why This Puppy Is Shredding These Photos, You’ll Laugh!

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We all have a tendency to be loyal to a brand – right? If you like Pepsi, you are not very likely to order a Coke when you go out. Some people only buy one brand of car their entire life!

Others are less picky and will buy whatever makes them happy. But, companies like it when customers are loyal. You may be loyal to a particular breed of dog. Maybe you only have labs or shepherds. Did you ever stop to think that your dog may not appreciate it if you have a variety of breeds in the house!

Well, take it from Maverick, the German Shepherd. He finds out that his mom and dad have the nerve to have photos of a Golden retriever in the house. Maverick is not going to stand for this, and he is going to take care of those photos once and for all!

Feature Image Source: lifewithdogs

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