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When You Have A Pool Ready To Play In, Who’s Not Going To Jump In?!

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What’s better than a pool of cool, refreshing water to beat the sweltering heat of summer? It’s especially important for pups, since they do most of their cooling through their tongue and the sweat glands on their paws.

The last thing you want is for your precious pooches to overheat, after all!

On this hot and lovely summer afternoon, Mom and Dad decided to set up a wading pool for Sinnoh the Golden Retriever and his sibling, Vulpix the Bichon Frise, in the garden. It seems like a lovely idea, and these pups are pretty excited to step in!

Sinnoh just can’t find a comfortable spot to lie down in, however. He keeps circling around and around in the wading pool, almost sitting but never quite. Is the water too cold for him, perhaps? Or is he facing the dilemma of wanting to lie down, but also not wanting to get wet any further than he already is?

Feature Image Source: Breon Carman

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