When You See What This Adorable Pup Is Doing You're Going To Laugh Out Loud! - A Dog's Love

When You See What This Adorable Pup Is Doing You’re Going To Laugh Out Loud!

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To just what extent is your pup willing to go for food? We’ve all seen and heard stories of pups going to some incredibly creative lengths just to get food to eat – and they aren’t even hungry or desperate!

It’s honestly incredible to see just how far our pups will go for those table scraps!

This Mom thought that the breadcrumbs she had left on a ledge were out of reach for her rescued 10-year-old Beagle pup, Phoebe. After all, the pup was a senior, and wasn’t as sprightly as she used to be. Plus, the ledge was pretty high up – surely this pup can’t reach the bread meant for the birds, right?

Turns out, Mom was very wrong in her assessment of what Phoebe was capable of doing when food is involved! In this video secretly captured from behind a video, we can see Phoebe jumping to incredible heights to steal all that bread! What a determined pup!

Feature Image Source: ViralHog 

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