When You See What This Pup Does During Back Scratches You'll Laugh Out Loud! - A Dog's Love

When You See What This Pup Does During Back Scratches You’ll Laugh Out Loud!

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Everyone loves affection! Of course, the way we perceive and enjoy that affection differs from person to person, and it is easy to assume that by extension, we all show love and affection in different ways.

That is just how it is, and it is a fact that extends to many intelligent creatures as well!

Having spent hundreds of years with dogs, most of us already know just how pups shower us with love and affection, and how we can return the favor – by petting them! Of course, parents like this Mom can do one better, and give pups the kind of scratches and rubs they adore!

This Mom is standing in the kitchen giving Bruiser the Golden Retriever plenty of butt scratches. Bruiser clearly loves the attention he is getting, so much that he can’t help but to hop around in some odd dance! He is a pretty funny sight to see, here!

Feature Image Source: Rumble Viral

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