Woman Rescues Dog Who Went Overboard Into Lake Michigan - A Dog's Love

Woman Rescues Dog Who Went Overboard Into Lake Michigan

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They say cats have nine lives, but it turns out, dogs can also do! Just ask 1-year-old golden-doodle, Roxy, as she is one lucky pooch! Young Roxy, a keen swimmer, belongs to the Obermans, a boat-owning family, and regularly accompanies them on sailing adventures.

She even has her own life jacket, and this indeed may have just saved her life. The Obermans recently embarked on a boating vacation in the vicinity of Lake Michigan, and naturally, being a fully accredited family member, Roxy was included. After setting sail the Obermans busied themselves with taking photos and checking the weather. Somehow, in the midst of these activities, Roxy disappeared.

On discovering this the frantic family turned the boat and proceeded to comb the murky waters of Lake Michigan, alas in vain. Roxy was nowhere to be seen. They returned to Jacobson Marina and the community of Frankfort was mobilized. Incredibly more and more people appeared and offered to help search for Roxy. Roxy’s plight was shared on social media and posters were put up. The searchers came back empty-handed and a general mood of doom and gloom pervaded the atmosphere as darkness fell with no sign of Roxy.

The next day dawned and Lori Sarya, a co-owner of Jacobson Marina decided to search in a dangerous and partially inaccessible part of the beach. After walking a good way and hearing barking, she spotted Roxy cowering in a bush close to the seawall. Almost submerged, Lori managed to reach Roxy and rescue her. Lucky Roxy was returned to her elated owners and seemed none the worse for her ordeal!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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