Woman Spots Overweight Pup, Immediately Decides To Give Him His Best Life! - A Dog's Love

Woman Spots Overweight Pup, Immediately Decides To Give Him His Best Life!

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Sadie Cox was absolutely shocked when she first laid eyes on Suki the Chihuahua. He was 13 pounds overweight for a total of 19 hefty pounds, and it was affecting his life severely.

Suki was out with his Dad for a walk when Cox noticed the pup. Suki was so morbidly obese that he couldn’t even lift a leg to use the bathroom – in fact, standing without toppling over was a struggle for the poor pup.

Cox decided to walk up to Suki’s Dad. She offered to adopt Suki herself if the man could not care for his dog. The man decided to agree, and Suki entered Cox’s family.

Suki’s weight loss journey was a difficult one. He couldn’t do a lot of “dog things”, like playing fetch or running around. He had to lie down if he wanted to eat. Tiny physical activities rendered him out of breath. He was constantly terrified of virtually everything and would growl warningly to be asking to be left alone.

But Cox didn’t give up, and she encouraged Suki to keep going, even though his daily life was a struggle. Vets placed Suki on a special prescription food to manage his weight, some meds for joint pain, and ordered for the pup to walk for 20 minutes twice a day.

At first, this was almost completely impossible – after merely a minute, Suki would need to rest. People would make comments when they saw the pup walking outside, as he resembled a pig much more than a Chihuahua.

Cox knew all this hard work would be worth it one day. And it did.

Five months later, Suki has gained a lot of confidence and is also 10 pounds lighter! He also has a few more pounds to go before he’s at his goal weight. With every bit of weight he lost, the more he emerged from his frightened shell. He’s revealed himself to love giving kisses, playing, running, and getting all the attention he can!

We wish Suki the best of luck in losing those last few pounds!

Images & Feature Image Source: Instagram/suki.angel.baby

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