Woman Spots "Stray Pup" Outside Pizza Shop Then Bends Down To See His Collar - A Dog's Love

Woman Spots “Stray Pup” Outside Pizza Shop Then Bends Down To See His Collar

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There are plenty of stray pups in Mexico City, and many animal lovers go out of their way to help them by providing them with food every once in a while. Outside a pizza restaurant in this city, one dog has certainly figured out how to use that system to his advantage.

Estrella decided to go and eat at this pizza shop one day, and she couldn’t help noticing a fat pup sitting outside the store and watching her with begging eyes. When she went in to eat, he continued to stare at her throughout her meal! He was clearly hoping for a yummy slice of her food!

Upon leaving the restaurant, Estrella decided to stop and see if the pup was okay. That’s when she discovered that the dog actually had an ID tag on, and the message engraved in it was beyond hilarious: it asked the reader not to give the pup any pizza!

Evidently, this whole act by the dog is a big scam. He’d figured out how to beg for pizza and, as a result, gained much too much weight, leading his family to ask others not to allow this habit to continue. The pup had been running a little scam, pretending to be a hungry stray, the entire time!

Unfortunately, this pup’s cunning effort failed on Estrella, who made a post about this experience on Facebook. She wasn’t going to fall for his tricks! But while he didn’t get any pizza, the pup did manage to get a few pets and, eventually, viral fame! Not a bad deal at all.

Images & Feature Image Source: Estrella CR

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