10 Dog Moms Who Desperately Need A Break From Motherhood! (Part 1) - A Dog's Love

10 Dog Moms Who Desperately Need A Break From Motherhood! (Part 1)

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Being a mom is a tough job and we know it. Some of us have human babies and dog babies to look after, ut we do it, because, hey the benefits outweigh the pain, isn’t it?

I have to mention it though, being a responsible dog parent means you need to aware of the consequences of bringing puppies into this world. If you don’t want your dog to mother puppies, please spay or neuter them accordingly. Having said that, this post is dedicated to mothers everywhere! You’ve earned a break mothers, you’ve earned it!

1. Hey mom, can we just play in the yard and leaves these puppers behind? Please?

2. Um. Mom? Where do these puppies come from? Is there a return policy?

3. Go ahead. Do what you want. Let me sleep. Please just let me sleep.

4. Oh. They’re still here.

5. I just need to get out for a little bit, even if it means going to the vet. Anywhere.

How many moms relate to this? Let us know in the comments! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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