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10 Things Dogs Secretly Do When They’re Home All Alone! (Part 1)

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Dog parents from around the world worry for their dogs, and it’s okay to be worried about what their dogs would do home alone. But let me tell you, our dogs are seldom bored being home all alone. Why? Because now they secretly do things they’re not supposed to do!

A lot of dog parents installed spy cams to check on their dogs, and boy, are we surprised! Here are some things your dogs secretly do when they’re home alone! You’re welcome!

1. If they’re not allowed to sleep on your bed, that’s the first thing they do! As soon as you leave the house and they’ve made sure you’re a safe distance away, they call it a day and go to sleep… on your bed. Where they’re not allowed! After all, they need to know why you guard the bed so much!


2. If you have musical instruments at home and your dog sees you playing them, that’s what they do next after waking up from your bed! They try and play your musical instruments and make music that’ll bleed your ears. 


3. If you don’t have musical instruments but have a neighbor who has a dog, they throw a party at your place and invite the neighbor’s dog for a quick kibble party! Thank you, doggy door.


4. If there are no neighbors with dogs, and if you have not closed your laptop, they’ll try to use their paws to destroy your laptop in the best way they can. And if they’re lucky, they might play a YouTube video of dogs chasing squirrels. 


5. If nothing else works, they’ll sniff books you’ve been reading to understand what makes you want to read a book when you’re free!


What do your dogs do when they’re home alone? Let us know in the comments! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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