24 Signs Someone Works In A Kennel And Loves Their Job! (Part 1) - A Dog's Love

24 Signs Someone Works In A Kennel And Loves Their Job! (Part 1)

There’s nothing more rewarding than working with dogs and I know that from personal experience! A day in the life of a kennel employee is nothing but exciting as they get to meet new dogs, get to play with other dogs, free cuddles and kisses, what’s not to like?! Here are a few things a kennel employee will relate to!

  1. After returning back home from work, you can’t tell whether your pants are muddy or just poopy!
  2. Because you smell of dogs you refuse to go out to dinner straight after work!
  3. Short skirts and sleeveless shirts are a big no because your arms and legs have dog prints on them!
  4. Your food often has dog hair on it!
  5. You’ve seen a million versions of dog poop!
  6. When you visit your friends you greet their dogs first!
  7. The clothes you use for work cannot be used anywhere else…. besides painting
  8. The first thing you do after returning home is to take a shower! Everything else follows!
  9. Your phone has scratches and bite marks and that’s okay!
  10. Before you get into the shower you spend quality time with your dog because you missed them!
  11. Your clothes are sometimes wet… but not because it rained!
  12. You never want to leave your job as a kennel employee because you love being around dogs!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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