10 'Beware Of Dog' Signs That Are Nothing But Funny! (Part 1)

Here’s a fact! Did you know that “Beware of Dog” sign was used for a long time? To be precise, since the Roman Empire! However, back then experts think the signs were placed to prevent people from stepping on small dogs! Things are different today… I think!

The ‘Beware of Dog’ sign isn’t something that this generation thought of, to be honest. It has been there for ages, but things just got interesting! Here are some hilarious ways to let people know you’re a dog parent!

1. This is the gospel truth.

2. Oh! Now, this is wisdom!

3. Awww!! I would pass by this dog every day!

4. You know the song of their people, too!! We sing it too!

5. Um. Okay?


Do you have ‘Beware of Dog’ signs? Share them with us in the comments! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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