10 Common Holiday Items That Are Dangerous To Your Dogs

10 Common Holiday Items That Are Dangerous To Your Dogs

Holidays are a time to celebrate. A time to forget all the complexities of life and just enjoy. But, it can be a dangerous time for dogs too. All the decorations and various foodstuffs we leave lying around could be a hazard to your dog’s health.

More specifically, we have come up with a list of 10 common holiday items that you should pay extra attention to.


Yes, dogs love bones but that comes with its dangers. For instance, if the bone is too hard then it may break your pup’s teeth. And if it is too soft, it can shred into small sharp pieces that could consequently choke your dog or rapture their intestinal tract when ingested.

The turkey and other fatty meals

Food that is too fatty may lead to over-accumulation of fat in your dog’s body leading to a life-threatening condition called Pancreatitis.

Uncooked ingredients

In the course of holiday preparations, you may have uncooked ingredients lying around that your dog accidentally takes a bite of. The food items may be harmless to you but could cause major upsets in your dog. For instance, when ingested, bread dough can rise in your dog’s stomach leading to stomach upsets or even death.


Most of these items contain sugar or chocolate which is toxic to dogs.

Alcohol, Cannabis, and other human medications

It’s okay if you want to spice up the party but be careful that your dog does not ingest any of the stuff that you use. Dogs have a different metabolism rate from humans and so, what seems like a euphoric high to you may be life-threatening to your dog.

Holiday plants

A lot of holiday plants including the Christmas tree are naturally toxic to your dog. If you are to have them around keep them far from your pup’s reach.

Decorations and Wires

Dogs love to explore by chewing. Unfortunately, they may end up chewing the wrong things like decorations lights that have electricity flowing in them or decorations made from glass.


These are dangerous for the same reason as decorations. They are chewy but dangerous if ingested by your dog.

Children toys

Any toy that isn’t made specifically for dogs is probably dangerous for dogs.


Your guests are a danger to your dog in the sense that they don’t know what’s off-limits to the dog.

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