10 Dog Breeds That Don’t Exist Anymore (Part 2)

It’s sad when a dog breed goes extinct because honestly, they don’t deserve going extinct, but then again, maybe they were too good for this cruel world. So what exactly makes dog breeds go extinct?

Well, cruel and illegal breeders mate them out to pave way for more “stylish dogs”. Others are wiped out by predators, including humans, and some just cross the rainbow bridge after living in horrific situations. What’s sadder is that extinction is permanent and these dogs, who once walked the planet, can never be brought back. Here’s Part 1, in case you missed it. Here are some dogs breeds that are extinct:

1. Paisley Terrier

This dog was the talk of the town and was often used as a show dog. However, when their demand at dog shows declined, this breed went extinct.

2. Braque du Puy

Bred in the 19th century, this French domestic hunting dog, in its original form, eventually went extinct, but similar offshoots can be seen even today.

3. Bullenbeisser

This German bulldog was mated out to create the Boxer we know today.

4. Russian Tracker

These dogs, who usually weighed around 100 lbs, were bred in Russia and used by farmers to protect their livestock. It was Sir Dudley Marjoribanks who bought an entire pack after watching it perform in a circus in Brighton, England. From that pack he created, what we know today as, Golden Retrievers. Russian Trackers then went extinct.

5. St. John’s Water Dog

These dogs were often manipulated by breeders who would use them to produce a variety of retriever dogs, including golden retrievers and Labradors, to name a couple. By the 20th century, only two dogs remained, but sadly, they were both males, so that was the end for St. John’s Water Dog.

Isn’t this just sad? Is there anything we can do to safeguard dog breeds from being exploited? Let us know in the comments.

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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