10 Dogs Who Gave Their Dads Most Hilarious Gifts Ever! (Part 1)

Dogs like to leave us gifts, and most of the times those gifts make us cry. But it’s their love for us that matters, right? Right.

One day, I returned home from work and couldn’t find my dog anywhere. Tried calling his name, but still nothing. Well, I thought, here’s a game of hide-n-seek, but fortunately, I knew exactly where my dog was hiding. Under the bed. Only this time, he had my laptop with him… all chewed up. When he saw me, he ran to me and covered me with kisses, so I guess that makes it up. Yes, the laptop was beyond repair. Here are a few more dogs who left hilarious surprises for their dads!

1. Keep your teeth inside your mouth dad. Just saying.

2. Oh boy. The poor dad!

3. Next time don’t trip dad.

4. I’m not quite sure if this dog’s even guilty. Sorry dad.

5. Dad, get over it. They were just pretzels. And they were tasty. You missed them.

How many of you have experienced something like this? Let us know in the comments! Watch out for Part 2!

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