10 Dogs Who Have Absolutely No Problem Chilling With Cats!

Can cats and dogs be friends? Apparently, yes. And good friends too!

A long time ago, people used to believe that cats and dogs can never get along. Some people believe that even today. They think that it’s a bad idea to have cats and dogs under the same roof. Remember the old saying, “fighting like cats and dogs”? Well, as it turns out many believed that cats and dogs could never be friends, oh boy, were they wrong. Not only do cats and dogs get along, but they can also become best friends! Here are some cat-dog friends to check out!

1. This Chinese crested and Sphinx cat make the best nude pair! Get it? Both are furless!

2. These two dudes basking the glory of each other’s company! I bet they’re having the same dream too.

3. These two fluffy divas flaunting the clouds they were born with.

4. These adorable siblings in white! The cat looks annoyed though… the dog’s pretty chill. Wonder what went wrong.

5. Eh, these two who look like cats… or dogs. But they’re both. Wow. I’m confused.

How many of you have cats and dogs? Let us know how they get along in the comments!

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Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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