10 People Share Embarrassing Stories About Their Dogs!

Dogs are adorable, we agree, but sometimes, they can do things that leave us baffled!

Remember the first two parts we shared with you? Well, dogs are at it again, and we’re amused! Dogs are the friendliest creatures on the planet with pure souls, but let’s be honest – sometimes they goof up! Now we’re not entirely sure whether they goof up to make us laugh, or they goof up because simply they had that moment! Nevertheless, here are some dogs who deserve the “Good Dog” award, because, why not?!

1. She knows what the mailman is up to. Plus he brings no treats. She’s not sorry.

2. The curtains offend his sense of style!

3. And he looks very pleased with himself!

4. Yes, sir, your table is ready and your tennis ball salad has been prepared!

5. This dog clearly sees something you don’t, that is if your dog’s vet check is all okay.

Has your dog done anything silly? Let us know in the comments! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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