10 Pup-Inspired Manicures That Are Going To Blow Your Mind!

10 Pup-Inspired Manicures That Are Going To Blow Your Mind!

Do you love your dog? Do you also love to get your nails done? Well, how about getting a dog-inspired manicure?!

You could try to find a color that matches your dog’s coat or collar. You could get a little design painted on your nails like paw prints! The possibilities are endless, below are sixteen images that will give you some ideas!

1. Simple and to the point.

2. Each finger is a different dog! Who says you can only have one dog on your hands at a time?

3. Colorful and artfully done! Love the thumb!

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4. This design coupled with the ring is the best!

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5. Find an artist to paint your dog’s face on your thumb – genius!

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6. Colorful one with glitter. Gotta love the two different poses for the cute dog!

7. Classic pink and black design.

8. You get a variety of dogs on your fingertips with this pattern!

9. Nice, brown and gold design. Simple and clean.

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10. Polka dots in pink and black! Love how each finger is different.

That should inspire you to find a design that matches your tastes!

Feature Image Source: Janelle Estep

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