10 Stress-Free Tips For Traveling With Your Dogs (Part 2)

10 Stress-Free Tips For Traveling With Your Dogs (Part 2)

In our last article, we talked about 5 tips that will help you travel with your dogs, and keep the trip stress-free. We’re going to continue with five more tips to help you and your dog make memories on the road!

1. Long-lasting chews work wonders

Don’t take edible chews if your dog suffers from car sickness. We’ve got some chews here that would be great for your dogs!

2. Take your treats

Don’t take anything too heavy, but remember to pack some treats with you so you have some when you need them. We’ve got some treats here your dogs will definitely love!

3. Take your first aid kit

Always remember to take the first-aid kit because you never know when you need it. If you get a chance, brush up on dog CPR and other basic first aid for dogs just to be prepared.

4. Take your poop bags

You can’t always make sure accidents don’t happen, because they do. Whether its in the car or in a pit-stop you need to be able to pick up after your pup and you can do that if you have your poop bags ready.

5. Bring something your dog loves

Your dog will love it if he can snuggle up with something he loves. Of course, he loves you more than anything, but if you’re driving, you’ll want to give your dog something else that smells like you so it brings him some comfort.

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