10 Things Dog Parents Should Consider Before Looking For A New Home (Part 1)

10 Things Dog Parents Should Consider Before Looking For A New Home (Part 1)

For dog parents, looking for a new home can be an exhausting process. Open houses, negotiations, offers and the different kinds of paperwork involved before you step foot inside your new home can seem like a daunting task. Keeping in mind the challenges dog parents face when searching for new homes, here are a few tips and tricks to ease the process!

1. Make sure your realtor is dog-friendly

When searching for new homes, you’ll come across many realtors. In order to start smooth, make sure the realtor you choose is dog-friendly. ask them about their knowledge in helping dog-parents to find their perfect homes. Understand the different dog-specific rules and regulations that are put in place when it comes to renting new homes.

2. Have a checklist ready

What is your ideal home like? What things in a home are important to you? Would your dog prefer a backyard or are they more inclined to stay indoors? How many rooms do you see fit? what safety features are important to you? A checklist will help you narrow down your leads so you can find your perfect home.

3. Explore the neighborhood

Your dog-friendly realtor should be able to give you an inside scoop on the neighborhood. They should be able to show you some dog-friendly shops, parks, and other areas that your dogs can explore. Your neighborhood matters, so make sure you list and ask all the questions to your realtor.

4. Ask if there are any breed-specific rules

In some cities and states, certain breeds are banned from being nurtured. Your realtor should be able to convey this information to you because breaking these laws can be very costly for you, and hence this should be taken seriously.

5. Check out the location

If your dog loves to run around without a leash or run away in search of some excitement, living near heavy traffic could be dangerous for them. Also find out how close your new home is to dog parks, convenience stores, hospitals, and main roads. However, keep in mind that to give your dog the freedom they require, you shouldn’t be stuck in the middle of nowhere.

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