10 Things Dog Parents Should Consider Before Looking For A New Home (Part 2)

10 Things Dog Parents Should Consider Before Looking For A New Home (Part 2)

Looking for a new home can be an exhaustive process for dog parents. In Part 1, we told you how important a dog-friendly realtor is, how a checklist can help you narrow down your search and how location can make or break your decision. Here are a few more things to keep in mind.

1. Identify potential threats

Suppose you’re in love with a house, before you move in, make sure you find out if there are any dangers to your dog in the neighborhood. Is there a coyote or a mountain lion problem that you should know about? Any other wildlife that could harm your dog? It’s important that you’re aware of all possible dangers so you can take preventive measures to keep your dog safe.

2. Check out your home from your dog’s perspective

Think about your dog and their golden years before you select a house. Will your dog be able to climb steep steps when they’re old? Whatever obstacles you think you’ll have when you’re old, your dog will have the same… sooner than you will. So think for your dogs first!

3. Look for a dog-friendly home

When looking for a new home try and visualize where your dogs will sleep, where will they go to the bathroom, if there’s an area for quick walks, where they will sit to catch some much-needed sunlight… Your new home should be just as dog-friendly as your old home, if not more!

4. Check your new home for unique features

Does your home have any unique features that make it perfect for your dog? Perhaps a large window sill that your dog can lay on, or small closets and corners where your dog can curl up after an exhaustive game of fetch? These spaces can mean the world to your dog so keep an eye out for them!

5. Make changes if you can!

If you think you’ve found the perfect home that’s lacking things that you can slowly fix, make those changes after you step in. Remember it takes time to make a house the perfect home for you and your dogs, so don’t be discouraged.

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