10 Things Only Parents With Senior Dogs Understand! (Part 1)

You know the saddest part about being a senior dog? They’re often overlooked when people are looking to bring home dogs. People want to bring home puppies, leaving senior dogs behind. But parents with senior dogs know the joys of parenting one.

According to a survey by PetFinder, senior dogs wait four times longer than young dogs while trying to find their forever loving homes. But all dog parents know one thing – missing out on bringing a senior is like missing out on a lifetime opportunity. Here are some things only parents with senior dogs understand.

1. Senior dogs know how to love and their love is so deep and so pure, it’s more than you can ever imagine!

2. Senior dogs love their sleep as much as you love yours so you won’t need to persuade them to sleep. They won’t howl in the middle of the night, they won’t demand potty breaks and they wouldn’t ask to play. They want to sleep as much as you want to and they value sleep!

3. Senior dogs are past their chewing and teething stages so you won’t have to worry about them destroying your furniture or other personal belongings. They’re much more mature than most humans, to be honest.

4. Like wine, the older the dog, the better they are!

5. When they snuggle with you, you will literally feel a connection forming between your souls. It’s their way of showing you just how much they love and trust you!

How many of you have senior dogs? Let us know in the comments! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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