10 Things To Keep In Mind Before Moving With Your Dog (Part 1)

Anyone who has moved houses in the past knows how stressful the situation really is and if you add dogs to the mix, well the stress amplifies exponentially.

Moving houses with dogs can be extremely stressful and dog parents, who have moved houses, know this all too well! I’ve moved houses with my dog, and let me tell you that the first time moving was extremely stressful. My dog and I were both in uncharted territories. A few moves later, I am now able to provide you some tips to make moving with dogs as smooth as possible.

1. Microchip

Before you do anything else, please microchip your dogs to make sure that during the moving process your dogs don’t get lost. A microchip will help you reunite with your dog if the unfortunate happens.

2. Vet Check

Before moving please make sure that your dog is healthy and has received all his vaccinations. During the vet visit, make sure that you mention your moving plans to your vet to see if they have any advice specifically for your dog.

3. Get Social

Before you move, make sure that you take your dog to visit your new house and get used to the surrounding before the actual move so they’re not in uncharted territories. Visit restaurants and parks close to your new home so your dog doesn’t feel like a complete stranger when you actually move there.

4. Crate Them

Moving can be stressful for your dogs so placing them in their crate in the new house will give them a sense of belonging. Your dog will need a place that “feels like home” in the new home, but you need to make sure that the crate is comfortable and big enough for them.

5. Think About Your Dog First

If your dog needs at least 15-20 potty breaks per day, moving in an apartment on the 8th floor may not be a good idea. If your dog is used to running around in a fenced yard, suddenly moving into an apartment with tiny balconies will only depress them. It’s important that you think about your dog’s lifestyle before you sign any papers.

Do you have any moving tips you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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