10 Times Your Dog Said "I Love You" But You Missed It! (Part 1)

10 Times Your Dog Said "I Love You" But You Missed It! (Part 1)

Our dogs love us unconditionally and there are times they show us how much they love us, but because they can’t speak as we do, we often miss those signs! Here are some ways your dog tells you how much he loves you!

1. Gifts!

Yes, if you thought you were the only one who likes gifting your dog, think again! Your dog loves gifting you too! To show you how much he loves you he’ll bring you gifts you never even imagined, like gross toys and dead birds!

2. They burp… on your face!

It’s weird but that’s your dog’s way of telling you that he’s happy with the meal you provided! Because they love smelling our breath, they feel we love smelling their breath too! Aww!

3. They mimic your yawn!

According to LiveScience, when you have a strong emotional connection with your dogs, they yawn when you yawn! Now isn’t that just cute?

4. They ignore you when you leave for work!

Wait, how is that a sign they love us? Because of the training! They know how much you appreciate it when they don’t freak out when you leave for work. They’re caring and know what’s important for you!

5. But when you return home, they go crazy!

Isn’t this just obvious? When you return home from work they can’t contain their excitement and are all over you before you even get a chance to sit down!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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