10 Year Old Boy's Letter To Dog Parent Is Winning Hearts! (Part 2)

Recently, a dog named Arthur shared a beautiful letter written by a 4th grader boy called Troy on Instagram. Since it’s share, the letter has won over so many hearts, and for a good reason too! Here’s Part 1, in case you missed it!

Here’s the letter!

Soon Arthur and Troy had their first playdate and it went great!

Arthur shared, “Just a quick pupdate – me and the smol neighbor had a really great (socially distant) play date today. Because he’s so smol we didn’t take any pics just for privacy purposes but he told me all about his dog fren and even showed me some dance moves!! I have a feeling we’re gonna be best buds!

Arthur and Troy’s budding friendship gained them a lot of popularity and now the adorable dog has over 30k fans! When Arthur found out he had become an internet sensation, he “wrote”,

My hoomans told me that me and my fren Troy broke the puppernet yesterday. I’m glad it brought me so many new frens!! Do any of you have treats to spare? I celebrated my newfound celebrity status by trying to eat a dead baby bird because I gotta keep my hoomans humble.

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Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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