12 Dogs Get A Superstar Makeover So They Can Find Homes!

Meet Andreas Häggkvist, an artist who’s artwork is breaking the internet right now!

Artist Andreas Häggkvist wanted to do something special for dogs in shelter who’re still waiting for their forever loving homes. And with this pandemic upon us, Andy knew that very few people will adopt dogs and that all adoption events will need to be canceled to follow the social distancing protocol. As you can imagine, with fewer people adopting, it didn’t take long for shelters to be crowded with pets looking for their forever loving him. Andy’s aim is to create awareness, so he gave the dogs a superstar makeover in an effort to help them get adopted! Check this out!

1. Queen Elisapaw

2. Michael Dogson

3. Dog Marley

4. Chowlie Chowplin

5. The Dogfather

6. Napawleon

Wouldn’t it be nice for all dogs in all shelters to have makeovers? Wouldn’t it be amazing if all dogs found their forever loving homes? Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

Images Credit: popbuddi.com

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