12 Dogs Who Were Living Perfect Lives Until Their Parents Got Them A Sibling!

Got a sibling? Well, you’ll relate to this.

Those of us who have siblings know the difference between the life we lived before them and the life we’re living after them. No one, I tell you, no one will feel the pain of being the older bro or sis than ones who’re older bro or sis. Yes, we’re glad we have siblings and all, but it’s not always fun!

Younger siblings are annoying creatures who think they can get away with anything. And guess what. They do. Here are some dogs who feel your pain!

1. Great. Thanks mom and dad. I was really looking forward to a sibling. Apparently, I wasn’t enough.

2. Eergh. What is that? A sibling? But, but why?

3. Oh. He’s back.

4. Um. When do you plan on sitting AWAY from me?

5. I just woke up, mom. And she wants to play. Like do you have ANY idea how old I am? Do something mom.

6. What did I do to deserve this? Look at it. It’s biting my tail. Like who does that? Take it back.

Do you have siblings? Tell us your experience being the elder one in the comments! Watch out for Part 2!

Feature Image Source: Pixabay

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