146 Pound Pup Gets Healthy After He Gets His Forever Loving Home

146 Pound Pup Gets Healthy After He Gets His Forever Loving Home

A healthy chocolate lab should weigh between 64 and 79 pounds, according to thelabradorsite.com. Shiloh weighed 146 pounds! He got that way after being fed oversized meals by his family.

As Shiloh gained weight, he lost his pep, became sedentary, and didn’t want to play fetch. He couldn’t even walk very far before he had to stop and rest. Shiloh, at the age of seven, had a much shorter life expectancy and something needed to change. His family put him up for adoption and in October 2016, Shiloh met his new mom, Heide Fiore from Massachusetts.


Fiore immediately put Shiloh on a diet to help him shed those excess pounds. They consulted with a veterinarian and got nutrition advice and devised an exercise routine. Shiloh ate fewer calories (as one does on a diet) and went on two walks a day with Heidi. Shiloh didn’t appreciate the changes at first. He would refuse to go on walks by laying down and not moving! Heidi didn’t give up, and a year later, Shiloh is a whole new dog!


Heidi posted a message on Facebook saying that Shiloh had lost 60 pounds and was now at his goal weight! The whole family is proud! Shiloh has his pep back and now loves to go on walks, go to the beach, and play with his family. Every day, Shiloh walks two miles and can easily jump in and out of the car! Shiloh, now eight, is going to have a long and happy life with his family!

Images & Feature Image Source: Keeping up with Shiloh

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