15 Abandoned, Terrified And Severely Matted Pups Rescued From A Small Town

15 Abandoned, Terrified And Severely Matted Pups Rescued From A Small Town

The RSPCA knew they were in for a challenging time when they received a call about eight abandoned pups with matted fur in the Vale of Belvoir in England.

Then, shortly after, they received another call, this time about seven dumped pups in similarly terrible condition in Norfolk that had likely been abandoned at the same time as the prior group. In total, the rescued pups consisted of eleven Newfoundlands, two Lhasa Apsos, and two cockapoos.

Staff knew this likely wasn’t a coincidence, given the fact that they were all abandoned so cruelly on the same day, were of similar breeds, and were in the same bad condition. The Radcliffe RSPCA shelter quickly made room for the extremely dirty and hungry dogs.

The pups were checked for medical conditions, and then began the daunting and difficult job of shaving the matted coats off of each and every single pup. A local groomer had to stop at the shelter to assist with the worst matts.

It was so bad that one particular pup wound up losing 16 pounds in fur! After the hard team effort, the rescued pups looked like brand new dogs. They were also happier and truly showing their friendly personalities.

For now, the RSPCA needs to look into how these pups were all so heartlessly abandoned. If, after the holding period, no one arrives to claim the poor pups, they will be available for adoption.

Staff at RSPCA are confident that these lovely pups will be able to find loving forever homes.

For now, though, anyone with information about how or why these pups were dumped can contact the inspectorate appeal line of the RSPCA at 0300 123 8018.

Images & Feature Image Source: RSPCA

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