15 Dogs And 1 Cat Found In Horrible Condition In A West Tennessee Home - All Rescued

15 Dogs And 1 Cat Found In Horrible Condition In A West Tennessee Home - All Rescued

It is so important that we provide for our pets just as we would make alternative arrangements for our children if we were ever in the position of being unable to care for them.

Sometimes circumstances are beyond our control, for example, we may be hospitalized due to ill-health or physically incapacitated. Our canine companions rely on us to feed and care for them and if we are suddenly unable to do this, they are left to their own resources with sometimes tragic and fatal consequences.

Apart from being unable to access food, their cleanliness and health will suffer. Parasites will flourish unchecked, often resulting in conditions such as mange and Biliary. It is vital to have a trusted friend or family member that can take charge in an emergency. One such case in Jackson, Tennessee, really serves to emphasize this. An animal rescue organization was notified that there might be dogs in need, as friends of a pet-owner had notified them that she had been hospitalized and was therefore unable to care for her furry family members.

Imagine the horror and despair of finding fifteen dogs and a cat in a terrible state of neglect, displaying a shocking range of symptoms from parasites to skin conditions to name but a few. Apart from the physical state of the four-legged family members, there is also the mental state to consider.

Simply being parted from a trusted carer can result in severe trauma. Fortunately, the shelter was able to rescue them and rehabilitate them for adoption. If it were not for a few caring people, this story could have had a very different ending.

Images & Feature Image Source: Ashley O’Donnell

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